Chorogwon  regards health and happiness as the best value.

“ “A company that specializes in enzyme research for 20 years. Chrogwon Omegasun” ”


Green circle means “green verdure”
It is a food company born from a corporate philosophy of enjoying a healthy life and a beautiful life.
Abstract The goal of the Omega Line program is to “
It is to enjoy the life that everybody is satisfied with health by supplying the body and cleaning the nephews in the body through fasting. “
Green Circle is a reputable fast food company that has developed only a fasting program for more than 20 years.
(The factory in Naju, Jeonnam is filled with about 2,000 old pots on the first and second floors.)
Because many living enzymes must breathe constantly during the fermentation process, the green circle is an unglazed pottery jar
We make enzymes with care to raise children.
It takes many years of time and attention, requires a high level of experiential skill, but only a crude pottery is the best tool
Green circle insists on this method only.



Scientific bio-fermentation technology of health-conscious people is a source of trust.


• Goods receipt control and inspection (origin, ingredient specification, hazard analysis)
• Changes and analysis of major fermenting microorganisms during fermentation
• Standardization of fermentation aging process
• Effective removal of harmful components and control system of harmful bacteria
• Health functional food manufacturing management system based on the QC standard
• In-house and off-line analysis systems for final products
• Research and development (R & D) system for scientific development of fermentation and development of high value-added products