People keeping health Co., Ltd.  is making a paradigm shift in functional fermented food production through harmony of tradition and science.





Sticking to our traditional fermentation is the beginning of confidence in customers.



  • Fermentation process using crock


  • Fermentation management containing artisan spirit of 25 years’ tradition


  • Management of fermentation and ripening according to each raw material’s property and seasonal condition.

  • Technology for blending which keeps raw material’s unique taste and flavor
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The fermented food is now generating sensation all over the world.


A futurologist, Alvin Toffler foretold people would move to the third taste.

The first taste is salt’s taste, the second is condiment’s taste and the third is taste of fermentation.


It means that the third taste, fermented food will stand as world’s food in the future.

Our food is appreciated newly as fermented food is recognized as health food all over the world.


Korean people developed best fermented food such as kimch, soybean paste, and salted fish.

Crocks is in the center of our fermented food..

Crocks are ideal fermenting devices for making fermented food such as kimch, soybean paste, soy sauce, hot pepper paste and liquor.



The harmony between fermentation, tradition, and science


People keeping health Co., Ltd. is carrying on traditional fermentation culture containing our ancestor’ wisdom. By developing more scientific fermenting technology based on that wisdom, we are doing our best to fulfill the mission of keeping human beings healthy through manufacture of worldwide fermented food and functional food.



Research & Development




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