Jayeonen Panax Hwangchil Balhyoryeok




● Jayeonen Panax Hwangchil Balhyoryeok


Hwangchil (Dendropanax morbifera) is broadleaf tree native to southern area of Korea and was precious raw material used as paint in the past. However, as shown in its scientific name, Dendropanax morbifer Lev, its leaf and stem are used for tea or drinks for health in modern age and many researches are being conducted. Hwangchil Balhyoryeok is fermented drinks made from blend of fermented hwangchil extract made from lactic-acid fermented domestic hwangchil leaf and stem, ogapi extract and red ginseng extract.


  • Red ginseng
  • Ogapi



♦ How to drink Jayeonen Panax Hwangchil Balhyoryeok


It is recommended to eat on the fasting 2 ~ 3 times a day or mixed with the vegetable fermentation solution.




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