It is made through fermenting Naju pear known to be effective in relieving cough and phlegm, ginger which keeps our body warm and is helpful to immunity, balloon flower root which has been used for throat health from old times.

Jayeonen 36.5 raised absorption of raw materials’ many component and easiness of drinking.

It is lactic-acid fermented drink made of vegetable raw material good for health care in-between season when you are tired and fatigued easily. 

There are 80ml product which you can carry easily as dosage for one day and 720ml product which you can use economically at home.



♦ How to drink Jayeonen 36.5


2~3 times daily, drink 1 bag of Jayeonen by mixing with 30℃ water. (If you drink 1 bag of Jayeonen by mixing hot water, your body becomes hot). When you feel strong taste and flavor, or in case of child, you can drink it by mixing it and warm water in the ratio of one to one. It is good to increase the amount of Jayeonen 36.5 little by little. You can drink it with honey or oligosaccharide.






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