• Megasun Gold

    ● Megasun Gold Megasun Gold is a health functional food containing chicory extract. In addition, we use nutrient solution of fermented plant fermented by long-term fermentation harvested from our land in the season to supply nutrition to the body, improve blood cholesterol in the body, inhibit postprandial increase of blood sugar. […]

  • Megasun Duo 720

    ● Megasun Duo 720 The megasun Duo is made up of dozens of indigenous maltodextrin powder, which is a functional ingredient, and fresh domestic root vegetables, vegetables, seaweed and fruit, It is a health functional food added to the vegetable fermentation extract that has been collected and aged for 3 years or […]

  • BetaQ Maeil Hyoso

    ● BetaQ Maeil Hyoso BetaQ Maeil Hyoso is a cereal enzyme product that is fermented with 100% domestic raw materials such as brown rice, 10 kinds of grains, vegetables and seaweed. Especially, it can be packaged as a substitute for meals so that you can easily ingest useful ingredients of various grains. […]

  • Cheoeum Hyoso

    ● Cheoeum Hyoso The Cheoeum Hyoso is a product that strengthens the enzymatic activity with the domestic raw materials and the main raw materials. In particular, chlorella ingredients have been added, It is a stick-type package that is easy to ingest. Helps to improve nutritional status and health before and after meals or […]