BALANSELLE – S of People keeping health is the product containing grain enzyme which helps our body make balance and harmony through fermented grains and vegetable, and especially it helps women’s health because of added natural raw material such as dietary fiber, seaweed calcium, pomegranate, purple potato and black soybean which are essential to our health, and oriental medicine’s raw materials such as Dang-gwi (Amgelica gigas NAKAI), phlomis umbrosa and cnidium.


  • Grain fermentation – Taste and flavor unique to fermentation was controlled, so that the people unfamiliar to fermented food can easily drink it. It is convenient to absorb nutrient and enzyme of various grain.
  • Differentiated Raw Material – Vegetable components helpful for women’s health are supplemented by using raw materials essential to modern people such as dietary fiber (stimulating bowel movement), sea weed calcium (helpful for bone health) and natural material such as pomegranate (estrogen), purple potato (anthocyan) and black soybean (isoflavone).
  • Oriental medicine’s raw materials – Oriental medicine’s raw materialshelpful to women such as Dang-gwi (Amgelica gigas NAKAI), phlomis umbrosa and cnidium are added to the product. So it is the product having reinforced herbal component which existing grain enzyme product does not contain.


♦ How to take in BALANSELLE – S


2~3 times a day,

It is recommended that you take in 1 bag (3g) before or after a meal by chewing it slowly to mix with saliva well.

It is packed in stick type and is packed by the unit of 32bags.





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