The Balance Cell Diet is a health functional food containing the functional ingredient Garcinia cambogia extract and 35 kinds of plant fermentation stock solution. It contains HCA as a functional indicator ingredient. HCA inhibits the synthesis of carbohydrates into fat and helps to reduce body fat, so it is better to combine it before bedtime and exercise.
In particular, it helps to maintain the balance and harmony of the human body by adjusting the nutritional excess of modern people due to high calorie diet through effective dietary therapy. It is also a dietary health drink that is easy to carry and eat with a spout pouch.


  • Garcinia cambogia extract

HCA (Hydroxy Citric Acid) is a component contained in Garcinia cambogia extract. HCA inhibits the synthesis of carbohydrate into fat and helps reduce body fat.

  • The Balance Cell Diet uses natural ingredients that have been fermented and aged from the extract of Garcinia cambogia, which is a functional ingredient, and 40 kinds of plant raw materials harvested in the season. They are manufactured and trusted on strict production lines that comply with ISO 22000 standards.
  • We provide effective and safe products with 30 years of fermentation know-how and KFDA standards quality control.




Shake three times a day, one capsule (150ml) at a time.

  • Breakfast : Balanselle meal
  • 10:00 : Balanselle cell snack
  • Lunch : vegetarian meal
  • 4 o’clock : Balanselle cell snack
  • Dinner(8 o’clock) : Balanselle meal

Packed in a 150ml spout pouch, it is made up of 30 packages (1 week).





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